10431436_10204647234453030_1813002566885202617_n (2)-001I am an adopted child of our loving God and Father, and a Born Again Christian through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Many of my days I write, read and blog. This as you may know, can take hours as I change, re-write and throw away so much of what goes into this computer and onto the screen.  I’m terrible with grammar and punctuation, I know this, other people have said the same and told me to get an editor, but who can afford that?  So, I write, read my stuff, change it, write some more, read it again, change a lot more, well you understand.

I really like to travel, especially to see my children and grandchildren.  Growing up my dad was in the United States Air Force, so we moved around a lot, I suppose this is what gave me my “gypsy feet”.  During my life-time I have thus far traveled to or visited over thirteen states and two countries, one of the countries I visited twice, while on short-term mission trips.  Growing up as a military brat was interesting, and one of these days, I will write about it as my children have asked me to do.

I’m very eclectic in my tastes for books, movies, music, art and much more. I didn’t grow up as and didn’t become a Christian until later in life, so my “Likes” and “Reads” and “Seens”, which you may find on my Facebook Profile Page may come as a shock to you. Now, however, I hardly ever watch T.V., or go to a movie, not only do I not have the time for such trash as one now finds there, but God has done a work on my tastes for what I put inside my soul through media, so I have become very careful.  I didn’t list half of the movies or books I’ve read only because I believe I would probably have put you into a state of apoplexy or worse! Suffice it to say I am still growing in the Lord, He has a lot of places where I still need His handiwork, so I’m not perfect.  If you believe this is how I am trying to come across in my website, please forgive me, it is entirely unintentional.

I have loved writing since I was a girl. I’ve written many stories in my head but getting them on paper is the most difficult for me because I just wasn’t very good in school.  The blogging slash authorship web page I’ve created is my second step into writing: short “essays”; I have already begun my first novel; however, I put it down for a time to focus on other things. My third step, if I can learn how to do it on my blogging page is to write the short children’s stories which have flitted through my head for a few too many years. I hope you will enjoy what you find. God bless you as you read!  My love for writing started when I was in grade school and has continued ever since.  I’m also an avid book reader and it is not uncommon to find fifty or more books in my home either awaiting my reading them, or in differing stages of being read.

My real journalism began with my conversion into a Christian. I began taking notes on the sermons I would hear and I would take a journey with our Lord in prayer within those notebooks.  I am unable to count the several journals, stories, or “books” I have written in just the last twenty-five years alone.  However, my personal journals, when filled get destroyed, mostly because they contain my most private and intimate moments with God – thoughts, feelings, problems, etc. and I don’t wish those exposed and open for just anyone to read them.

Here on this site I find I can write about the stuff in life, affecting us all.  Things that matter, some which don’t and are or will be completely frivolous and you will wonder why I even wrote the piece.  Just shake your head, comment please, I’d love to hear from you; and chalk up any of my ramblings to an area in which God may need to have His handiwork focused.

I’m now enamored with the Dole Frozen Banana Dippers; since I am quite sensitive to milk products, these are just like eating banana ice cream!  I can still remember my first taste of a frozen banana on a stick,  which is then dipped into a pot of a melted milk chocolate and before the chocolate is allowed to harden, the whole thing is rolled through chopped peanuts.  My family was at Disneyland, Mother and Dad purchased a banana on a stick for each of us, it was ever so wonderful and naturally when these little Dipper treats came out I couldn’t resist!  What is more healthy than four a half-inch of frozen banana pieces, covered in dark chocolate and  sprinkled with chopped almonds, seems to me that’s all the necessary food groups, right?

My future is in our Lord’s hands, for it is He who directs my path; however, I do have dreams:

  • I’m going to publish more than just articles in newspapers and magazines, I have in mind publishing an actual book, or two…
  • A little more traveling state-side, and overseas.
  • Go on a vacation to Canada for a week.  I gave up on my other dream vacation, Japan, I found the cost to be astronomical by comparison.

Why Canada?  When I was a girl I read a book, Mrs. Mike. I must have read that book at least seven times, I would have to go back to the school library to  see how often I really did check it out.  Since reading that book I fell quite hard for the need to see a real life Canadian Mounted Policeman in his red uniform, sitting on his horse and doing what he does in life.  Just once I’d like to meet one – I don’t ask for much do I?  I have also had the want to visit Canada in general since reading that book and because of recent correspondence with residents from Canada..  The people seem quite hospitable and truly welcoming;  I am attempting to save for my real dream vacation, which is to go to that wonderfully romantic country of Canada.  Unlike many whose dream vacation would cost them into the tens of thousands of dollars, mine would cost me only a few thousand for what I would like to do; however, I must wait to see what God has planned for me.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my stuff, I am grateful for your critiques of the work I place on this site; and may God bless you on your journey throughout this life on earth.

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