The Paperclip

I was taking a nap today and I had a dream, it was a strange one; the kind where you are totally aware of what’s going on around you and you are also very much asleep and dreaming at the same time.  The dream had been about my pocket calendar and the paperclip I use to hold the previous months together.  These two objects are very different objects but each object is useful and important in their own right.  In the case of my pocket calendar the paperclip is slightly more important in that it effectively shuts off from sight or mind, the past.  Unless, for some unknown reason I have to go back to look up when an event took place in my life.  Of course the calendar is also a great memory tool; it can either be a net to save my forgetful rear end, or it can be a safety barrier from memories of certain days I don’t wish to remember, at least in my case and to a certain degree.

As I dreamt, today, it somehow came about I lost the paperclip to my pocket calendar, which held my previous months together.  All the past months dates and events were spilling forth and congealing with today’s!  It was making a mess of everything, I couldn’t let go of the past let alone get on with the future because I couldn’t tell the difference.  My feet continually slipped from under me and my head would sink beneath the muck, then I would have to fight my way to the top again spitting the goo from out my mouth.  Finally, I heard a voice behind me, which called to me, “Hold on my child; I have the help you need!”

I looked over my shoulder and there in the middle of my mess was a very tall and strongly built man, whose feet were not being swept from under Him and whose arms looked like they could hold up the world and not ever get tired.  He reached out His hand for me, and I for His.  His grip was firm yet gentle as He pulled me to His side and held onto me there, as a Father holds His child onto the side of His hip.   The Man, whose robes glowed like gold, had a presence of complete peace and comfort; so tired was I from attempting to fight my way through the nasty stuff, I utterly and trustingly wrapped my arms around His neck laid my head upon His shoulder and rested there as if I really were a child once more.

As He walked, He quietly spoke, and I found the congealed mass falling away from me as He spoke of the importance of the paperclip He had given me many years ago when I’d asked Him to come into my heart and be my Savior. As He spoke, my Savior toiled His way through the mass of dates and memories, and congealed muck only to reach the shore, which was quite far off, in a very short amount of time.

I listened and I clung to His every word, and when we reached the shore I could only hang my head in shame, and I promised Him I would try never to lose a paperclip again if He would only allow me to have another one.  I felt His gentle touch on my chin as He lifted my face so my eyes would meet His, and then He replied, “My child, I always give out more paperclips”.  Then the most wonderful thing happened, from a pocket within His robes, He found and handed to me a nice shiny new paperclip.

He then captured all the pages of the previous months of my pocket calendar, and, holding them tightly into place, He held out His hand to me and I handed Him the paperclip He had given me.  He clipped those pages together handing me back my now secured pocket calendar.  He told me that when I needed Him to just call out to Him and He’d be right there, then He was gone.