Let’s Add a New Month to the Calendar Year!

Consider if you will, for the meantime; we live in an ideal society with no criminal activity.  Let us further reason we live in a country, which still believes in taking a day of rest, if not an entire week-end off.  Moreover, let us close our eyes transitorily and deliberate on the one place we would want to go or would go to, if we could, to find much-needed peace.

Furthermore, why don’t we add a new month to the calendar year?  We would insert it between April and May; and call it “Expiate“.   During Expiate would the weather gently eases people into spring; it would be warm but not hot; cool but not cold; and no bugs, of either the insect  or viral kind.  People world-wide would wear shorts and shirts during the day and light jackets of an evening.

Expiate, for all people, would be an interval of refreshment, relaxation and a period to breathe after the hard labor of holiday months earlier, and family issues which often arise with them.  The people could expect a soothing balm for the soul after extended recurrences of ruthless weather, illness or tragedy. Largely, Expiate would give respite.  Because let’s face it, by this time of year, all of us need the break!

This aspiring month would betoken a compulsory shut down, with pay for their employees, of all businesses, including government offices for the duration.  Families could really connect or go on vacation, to recover from their holiday vacation.  In conclusion, Expiate would gradually facilitate our passage into spring, where then preparation for summer months would take place.

Parenthetically, while we’re hypothesizing and feigning outcomes, why not add another month between September and October, for the same whys and wherefores?  We can call this month – “Ataraxia” a stretch days designed to soothe nerves after lengthy spring and summer months of demanding drudgery.  A set extension of days, allowing for a maximum growth season, a plenteous harvest, and encouraging true thankfulness in the hearts of all man-kind before the stressful holiday months, which lay ahead.