Net Neutrality – Four Days Left!

This is apparently not old news by now; however, every now and again it continues to become a topic of discussion with wheels spinning and nothing being accomplished. Now, I don’t normally “spam”, and I certainly don’t consider this issue spam; there is a time though, in which one must step up to give facts and voice some sort of response. Here is what I found on the subject when I was reading through one of my favorite websites. The site voiced some concerns of their own about the rights of the individual and of their own website, which might be at risk because of this FCC proposal.

Of course, this has been the topic of discussion since the “invention” of the internet – so as I said it isn’t new – and a few times there has been a ruling or two about internet use. The one of which I speak began at the first of the year 2014, and more earnestly on May 15, 2014. This FCC proposal would allow large businesses the biggest and fastest share of the internet base-giving them the advantage over the little guys, such as small business and people like us, or so it would seem.

I originally posted this back in August of 2014, but I’m bumping it because the date is coming up, quickly and the people have to use their voices!

So what can we do now?

On Feb. 26, the FCC will vote on rules that use Title II to protect real Net Neutrality. If all goes well, it will be a watershed victory for activists who have fought for a decade to protect the open Internet.

Unfortunately, the cable and phone companies are doing everything they can to weaken these rules before the vote. And members of Congress are also trying to stop the FCC.

Who is right and who is wrong about the proposal and the uprising which appears as hushed by the Government on the media as it is a crazed topic for general discussion everywhere else I turn? May I suggest you do your own research on the subject?  It is up to you to decide this for yourself, then act or respond as it is best for you and your own conscience. I have provided website links below with which to begin your journey of discovery.

It’s the FCC website which discloses their supposed proposal for “Net Neutrality”. Followed by a couple of articles from the Washington Post On-line, and also from Free Press.  Finally if you have something to say about Net Neutrality, there are a few links, you might wish to follow, listed at the end.

I’m sure there’s more out there than this, so feel free to “Google” all you want, that’s what “Net Neutrality” is all about, having the freedom to go where your fingertips and mind wish to take you, as quickly as you wish to go. Happy researching!

Rule Making

Open Internet

Washington Post On-Line –

Net Neutrality Issue Puts FCC at Center of a Firestorm

Today the FCC will Vote on the Future of the Internet – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Free Press-

Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know

Go here to find out how you can help.

Optional government links for your convenience – 

FCC – Complaints

Contacting Your Senator

Congress – House of Representatives
Contacting Your Representative in the House of Congress