One Christian’s Journey

In this website you will find an eclectic portrayal of the working nature of one human’s mind, my own.  Do not be too surprised by anything you find contained herein, I have very unusual and perhaps strange, to you, tastes in many things.

One day I may rant and rave about the injustices of the world, the next day I will describe to you the beauty I saw on my way to the store or to my own home town.  Then on some other day, a story may strike my fancy and my fingers shall dance across the keyboard as fast as I can make them do so, attempting to share with you the imaginative world in which the mind of this poor soul sometimes lives.  It is something of which I like most – to paint a word  picture that touches the heart of another.

Some days I may share real pictures I have discovered, or share with you my adventures while I was out Geocaching with others.  You can never guess what my come bursting forth and land upon one of these pages, so you must always stop by and see ifthere is something new or old, or silly or crazy…

That being said, welcome to a break from what some might consider normal – or maybe even reality – for I am anything but normal.  Some people joke around when they say, “I think when God made me, He must have broken the mold!”, well the truth is, when God made each one of us, He did break every one’s.

Then, He turned back around looked at His master piece and said, “Perfect!”  Not that we’re perfect and have no flaws, but rather how He has made each one of us as a unique individual, that is perfect.  To God, we are each one in our own way – with all our flaws, imperfections, disabilities, etc. beautiful and wonderful.  We are a master piece from the hands of God, the Master and Ruler of the entire heavens and universe.

Please, do not misunderstand me, I truly believe God when He says we each have the same problem in our souls.  A huge problem which neither of us can fix on our own.  It is one we are born with, it is a sin nature, a stain on our soul because of the first sin in the Garden of Eden, which Adam committed.  However, God hasn’t left us to fix ourselves or make this part of us right with Him – and we must be right with Him before we die or we will end up in Hell, which He originally created for the Devil (Satan) and his angels, whorebelled against God.

imagesGod’s plan is Jesus, you can find out more about this here.  Because God is Holy and just, He cannot just let us pass into heaven after we die, without being cleaned up before we die.  He is also a loving God, He has made a Way of cleaning us up is free, I urge you to at least read what is there, because “no one comes to the Father [God] but through Me [Jesus].” You can trust this is absolutely true, it is found in the Bible, in the book of John, chapter fourteen and verse six.

Do you have questions about heaven?  I did too, God isn’t afraid of our questions, He welcomes them.  Sometimes He will answer them right away, sometimes He will lead you to a friend who can help you find the answer in His Word, the Bible.  Most often His answers to our personal prayers are: Yes, No, or Wait.  If it’s wait, you can always trust there is a good reason for it, so don’t try to make whatever it is you’re waiting on happen, it will be disastrous.  Billy Graham is a very famous man, and author.  He wrote a small book about heaven, it answers ten questions about heaven, you can download his e-book about heaven by clicking here.

Come now with me, if you will, join me on my journey of faith as I discover who I am in God, what He has in His plans for me and to what extent my imperfections and the gifts He gave me will bring Him glory.  While you browse through this website if you see, read, or hear anything which causes you to doubt or want to turn away from God, don’t blame it on Him, for the blame is on my shoulders alone.

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